Toast! To a prosperous 2018!

Thanks to the momentum you’ve built alongside us, the EDI space is primed for significant growth in 2018.

As more companies begin to grasp the full scope of costs associated with manual processing—not just in terms of printing and postage but also considering the value of employee time and customer-service reputation—it offers a wider opportunity for us all to tout EDI as a competitive advantage.

 The challenge is to maintain that edge by making sure your current EDI program continues to meet your needs and allows you to advance your relationship with existing and new partners. This includes engaging both suppliers and customers in the shift away from manual processing. It also means making sure you’ve automated the top four EDI forms (POs, PO acknowledgements, advanced shipping notices, and invoices) with each of your trading partners, and it may involve exploring new transaction types for your most important accounts.

 The UniLink Group remains committed to helping you focus on your core business objectives by eliminating manual processing wherever possible, ensuring that your suppliers and customers all view you as efficient, reliable, and easy to do business with.

Keep building your own momentum and capacity for improvement throughout 2018. As you evaluate your EDI program requirements for the future, let us know what we can do to better serve your company and your partners. 


UniLink Group